Saturday, September 10, 2011

Top three careers for the ethically challenged IT pro

Takeaway: While current employment stats for IT pros fluctuate, there’s always a niche for those who are not burdened by a sense of ethics or decency.

[Full disclosure: The following is not a serious piece and will not enhance your life in any way. If you want only meaty content, don't bother reading this or posting a comment that we wasted your time. Hey, it's Friday and we needed a break.]

1. Facebook spammer and scammer

There is no end to the career potential here. Except maybe prison. But really, for the ethically challenged IT pro, Facebook is like a playground with its spammers, scammers, and wildly insecure, crack-like social network games. For example, likejacking (asking a victim to click something while a different action is taken behind the scenes) can open up a whole new world to you by giving you the ability to obtain someone else’s account information. Even if your dreams lean toward the non-profit (that is, just infecting PCs with malware makes your heart go all aflutter), this is the field for you.

2. Political Email Interceptor

Apparently on any given day, there are about 14 billion emails sent from the denizens of the U.S. House and Senate that really shouldn’t have been sent. Can you imagine the amount of money a sexually promiscuous, adulterous pol who may or may not be gay, would shell out to retrieve and destroy an email that went out to the wrong person, or just went out period? And the power you could wield! The information you could glean could make you as omnipotent as if you held in your hands Heidi Fleiss’s client list.

3. Bay Area Barfly

With Apple, Inc. currently averaging one lost iPhone prototype per year, this could become a very lucrative venture. You may develop a bit of a drinking problem along the way, but think about it: If you find just one lost prototype per year, you could sell it on the black market or ransom it back to Apple for a huge amount of money. Plus, all the Happy Hour hors d’oeuvres you can eat!

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